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Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do Upon Cleaning Water Damage

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Water damage is one of the things that’s so common yet still alarming. Since our homes in Tulsa are naturally provided with water to help get through our day to day lives, it is natural that there will be a pipe burst or leak and other unexpected situations that would result in water damage over time. Expect that any house owner can encounter such situations at one point in our lives. It could actually help is to learn from experiences and know-how to manage any water damage emergencies like an expert. If you don’t know what to do if you get into these situations, keep on reading to know the things you should and shouldn’t while you handle water damage:


You have to do something right away because urgency is critical in this situation. Each second that water stays in your home might result in developing structural damage and minimizes the possibility of having a full restoration.

Contact a trusted restoration service company as soon as you can. This step should be one of your priorities and you must never do this later. If you contact for help immediately, you won’t waste time waiting for assistance to reach your place since they will be on their way as you do some initial cleanup.

Be extra vigilant to never get in contact with a polluted water

Contaminated water is not always discolored. You should be careful with water since it possibly came from standing groundwater or a laundry pipe that burst.

Get rid of the rugs and some loose things since it could result in staining. Moreover, you can put foil or dry plywood under your furniture’s legs to stop them from lingering on your wet carpet.


Do not risk electricity hazards. As you operate your appliances, you have to be very careful especially if you’re working with wet vacuums, space heaters, and fans. If in doubt, it would be highly recommended for you to make sure that you turn off the electricity near the included space.

Do not attempt to do all the restoration tasks yourself. You might be tempted to do so, particularly when you think that the water damage you have now requires minimal work. This could be hazardous even if it appears to be a small task for you. The moment you miscalculate the repair, there is a chance that it could result in mold development and irreversible damage.

Contact Tulsa Fire and Water Restoration now

To have your property restored by an expert is the greatest approach to make sure of having a positive result. However, you should look for a quality company that offers great fire and water restoration Tulsa services within the vicinity of Tulsa. Thankfully, Tulsa Fire and Water Restoration is here to help you in any problems you have with your property after fire or water damage. You can reach us by messaging us online, giving us a call, or visiting our website. Check out more of our services and products now!

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